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Kikelomo Opatola, fondly called by her brand name “WOORERGOLD”, is a certified Derma-Therapist.
She is a Project Manager by profession, a member of Project Management Institute and a faculty member of Emotions City.

With more than seven years experience on skin related issues, she has been passionately driven into this call to give back to the society over her years of experience in the skin industry starting up as a Dermatological Detailing Sales Representative with GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical. This passion started from the three weeks training she had with the Dermatologist from UCH, Dr Mrs Ogunbiyi.

She became exceedingly passionate as she daily delivered her tasks creating ideas and concepts ensuring all target were met.

She has a certified VTCT Level 2 Awards in Facial Massage and Skincare (QCF) inclusive, Award in Client Care communications and Award in Health and Safety in the workplace

Her Award qualification is based on the successful attainment of National Standards in Units of Competence under the licence of Dr Stephen Vickers registered in England and Wales as national Charity in Great Britain  through The Uk Skin Care Academy centre.

Kikelomo Opatola has been an Entrepreneur for 22years. She started the exchange of goods and services early at the age of 14years old. She’s tagged an inborn marketer by family and friends.



Due to the growing needs of our clients, it became apparent to broaden the scope of business by including services that brings about wellness and fitness solutions.

We adopts a holistic approach to provide wellness solutions that meet different societal needs. While most skin  care outfit focus on just the outward beauty, Woorergold – MEDISPA PLUS combines both the outward beauty and inner  health to offer solutions that further enhance wellness and increase convenience to enterprise and end-

Experts proved that itchy dry skin is the most dominant factor in skin disorders amongst other conditions related with infection.Healthy skin care culture and wellness lifestyle is still poor in Nigeria, further dampened with the sales of substandard wellness & cosmetics products. We have made it our core value to always give the right and proper skin care treatment and by virtue of that,

we have continued to strive toward becoming a complete multi-disciplinary practice offering each client the individual attention given by our specialists and solutions required to maintain a healthy skin and body in this ever-changing society conditions.

Woorergold CLOUD sees teamwork on every project as the key success element. All staffs are duty-bound in ensuring an efficient, safe, wellness and healthy lifestyle at all levels. We believe in a hands-on approach on all services rendered. That is why the Director of the firm will always be in control of the key functions of our services. We adopt a holistic approach to provide wellness solutions that meets different societal needs. While most skin care outfit focus on just the outward beauty, we examine both the outward beauty and inner health to offer solutions that further enhance wellness and general skin health. We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers because we understand each customer has different skin concerns and wellness needs. We have also implemented an aggressive growth strategy with a clear focus on developing new business outlets. Our strength as both outward beauty and inward health is what drives our clients’ wellness and is the key to our continuous success.


o grow our brand in order to offer a broad spectrum skin healthcare wellness solutions and to become a preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of the project’s life cycle. Our vision is also to own our line of skin and beauty products which proffer’s solutions to all skin problems.

To make Woorergold-MEDISPA PLUS a leading practice that will exceed expectations and set new standards in the Nigerian lifestyle industry.


o give our society a wealthy, healthy and beauty they deserve as we give outward and inward guidance with detailed counseling on how to maintain our skin to enable us age gracefully. To also help Nigerians with credible product recommendations that will enhance a natural, smooth and supple skin.





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